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On a question regarding MatiMeow’s and CatOnMoon’s privacy policy, we would like to inform that we adhere to the strictest privacy policy available. We considered top kids privacy policy sites such as PBS KIDS and COPPA. If there are discrepancies among those, whatever is the strictest applies to us.  In short, we do not abuse information that may become available to us during interaction with your kid or you.

To be more specific:

In the first version of the game we do not collect any information. Some information can ended up with us but only if you give this information to us, for example by sending us an email.

We will be working with your information which is supplied to us by App Stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play and others. We will be using such information only to support our customers and to analyze the market. Our policy is to make business maximum socially responsible regarding pricing and business practices as well as  transparent in terms of our relationship with users.

We will never share your information with anyone who can use it for advertising or to send spam, or to stage personal attacks or to perform any illegal actions.

We will also be very attentive to information that you share with us or our partners share with us (for example, stores), in terms of its safety and integrity.

We will inform you about all significant moments regarding our work with confidential information and personal data.

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