Is It Free?

The game is free to use by a teacher in a class when teaching and practicing multiplication. The game is best played using a smart board. If you are a teacher and would like to use the game, please contact us to receive a license or licenses. 1 license per class.

If you are interested in using the game to practice multiplication for your kid, please pay a small price of $1.

Why the game is not simply free for everyone? Because one pays one way or another.

Free apps nowadays simply mean that they collect information about you and sell it to marketing companies (or whoever pays).

Free also means that advertising will be used.

Moreover, free is now a fashionable freemium, when your kid will be lured to upgrade to something cool for money. We didn’t like when our kid was begging and we don’t want that for your kid.

Cat on the Moon rejects “smart” ways of being “free”.

We have developed the program and it is fair to trade our work for your money. If one needs to see whether the program works, we have a demo version limited to multiplication by one.

If you like it, buy it!

Stress-Free Multiplication Tables