What is MatiMeow?

A series of apps that will inspire and help children practice their math skills. The first in the series is MatiMeow “M” for the multiplication tables.

What is a values led business?

It is a business that does not compromise principles to make a profit. That means it has two bottom lines: profit and principles.

What are the principles that are the foundation for MatiMeow?

  1. Math can be fun.
  2. Science is the key to great adventure.
  3. Promote useful ways for children to spend their time on devices.
  4. Competition between countries can benefit all mankind when we inspire each other to greatness and positive achievement such as the Space Race during the Cold War.
  5. Do not exploit children by attracting them to a game and then requiring them to constantly pay more money to reach new levels or gain access to more features. MatiMeow “M” provides you access to everything for one low price.

Who are we?

A family:

  • Ivan Komarov (Dad, developer and programmer): PhD in Economics USA, 15 years IT experience in Russia active school volunteer.
  • Sarah Lindemann-Komarova (Mom, writer and manager): 22 years civil society development experience, a founder of community schools in Russia and the Siberian Civic Initiatives Support Center.
  • Carolina Komarova (Daughter, the final word on everything): 5th grader, M Class.
  • Morsian (Cat, star of the app): 15 years experience catching birds and sleeping.


  • Roman Revutsky (Music and sound): A composer and sound  designer. He currently writes music for films, and tours around the world.
  • Irina Lukyanova (Literary Translator): Writer and school teacher.
  • Sasha Feldman (Visual Art Consultant):  After graduating from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sasha has been developing several projects that include sculpture and design of electronic games for Cat on the Moon, of which he is a founder.

How can this help schools?

  1. As a tool to take the stress out of children learning and practicing the multiplication tables.
  2. As an example of how, with limited financing (thanks to shareware), schools can generate income while providing their students with programming, design and business experience by developing apps. This is important as social entrepreneurship is currently being promoted as a critical element in Russia’s future development.

How to get in touch with us?


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Stress-Free Multiplication Tables